I have created some remote control device

Hi everyone from US and English reader.
Recently I've created remote control monitoring robots
with Lego Mindstorm and Android smart phone.

Currently I'm looking for the opensource robot hand that can be controled on the
robot I created from oversea country.

If this could be embodied.
It means this device can be new product allowing user to touch and control physically
at objects far away from where you are.

I'm happy if I could find the cool robot arm creator to update my machine.

Haha I found that there were lot more than before after I wrote some English articles.
Hence I decided to write my articles time to time.

I could learn good items on youtube.
But I want have best robot hand which can provide the best touching experience to users.

I will build remote control robot soon or later.
Next time, I would like to share some info of what I built.