we're waiting for a release of google glass.

1500 dollars this is good price for developpers to receive good
products. A google glass, this new terminals will have a great potent
to influence smartphone market and tablet computer market.

What I need to know at first is the details of Hardware structure that is
still unknown for common people in the world.
I think most of developpers have already started their works in their labs
and companies.
Here, This is the point of this writing. If google glass can be innovative product
enough such as iphone and Macintosh,This product generate the application software market such as App store from the Apple.

My hope is to let Japnese startup have a opportunity to join this
borns of new market.
Is there somewhare I can see the SPEC of electonics on the google glass's
main board? I'm not sure if there are main board like a smartphones.