Dear People from US or UK

I've got some access from United States today so
let me try to explain this blog and some interetsting business that happened
lately in Japan.

I'm medical engineer who lives in Japan and love evangelion series and animes.
I've been feeling that someday I should write my diaries in English to introduce
machines that I'm trying to develope with Arduino and haptice interace.
well, My goal is to get haptic feeling and control understood to all around world
to renovate the quantity of transmittion. To complite my goal,
I would like to try to control my robot plaaced in U.S, and from Japan,
so far I'm working this project with Aruino board but I expect that
robotics kit I ordered will be delivered soon after the March comes.
I'm looking forward to describe this experiment and possibility that we may be able
to touch something through Interenet system.
This is the blog to report the result of my development. unfortunately, I can not describe the all details of course. just wanna have fun to intervene geek ideas
through this activity, like, you know, Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak Described their
apple Ⅰ in local exhibition to get attention.

I think I will tell you guys about Evangelion 3.0 released in Japan almost 4 months ago, and some compaint on torrent version.

I'm going to keep release information from Japan especially in area that I love to talk.
It will mainly about anime and IT devices, Software development probably.
Let's find out new rellationship from here in Japan please